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Raymond's Story

For the last 25 years Raymond Larson success has occurred within both the Not-for-profit and For profit corporate sectors.  His background in finance, mortgage and Executive leadership has provided a dynamic ability to assist diverse population of businesses and their professionals.   Growing and sustaining business is an art and although Raymond holds degrees in business, the real education comes when your skills make a difference with and for those you serve.  Raymond is passionate about educating clients as they make crucial financial decisions around protection, accumulation, and building wealth strategies that serve multiple purposes.

The Lion Legacy Insurance and Financial Agency has helped many individuals, professionals and Business owners to restore prosperity and grow necessary wealth.  Raymond, and his team understand the function of money; how to obtain it and grow it while it protects and provides the necessary benefits needed.  The Agency provides full services for Personal Lines of Insurance, Business Insurance, and Financial Strategies.

He also offers businesses the opportunity to acquire resources needed to keep cash-flow available through the services of Bizgate Financial, a subsidiary of Lion Legacy's Financial division. He founded BizGate Financial while he was assisting start-ups, businesses growth and expansion and large corporations as they successfully acquired business credit that leads to funding and cash flow needed.  You will want to visit with Raymond who brings new understanding and tools needed to succeed, as you implement steps to strategic growth and stability.

Lion Legacy Insurance and Financial Services offers a complimentary review of your needs, personally, professionally, and corporately. Schedule your 30 minute session today.  It's going to be a lucrative New Year.

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